All photography provided by Patrick Nichols

Thermal Infrared Imagery can save time and money with periodical inspections on any type of project from roof inspections to solar panels.


Our Mission

To provide a qualitative assessment of any type project through the use of Thermal technology. Infrared inspections are non destructive non contact form of detecting thermal anomalies by measuring radiation emitted from an object. Objects can include; cell towers, solar panels and transformers, sub stations, roof intrusions and many more. We are certified in Level 1 sUAS thermography from the Infrared Training Center.

Benefits of THERMAL Imagery

  • Reduced downtime and increasing profitability 
  • Improved performance or maximizing increases productivity
  • Condition monitoring helps determine cost and budget timelines
  • Energy Analysis
  • Safer working environment 
  • Faster and able to cover more area in a day than handheld units
  • Detailed reports of findings
  • Overall saves time and more in detection, monitoring